The Top 10 Window Cat Perches

Our cats love looking out our windows. They can stare at anything and keep at it for hours. Why don’t we let them enjoy their serenity by getting them a window perch? They’d surely love that comfy bed while they stare out of the window for a long time. I have here my top 10 window cat perches that you can choose from and buy today!


The PETPAWJOY Cat Bed will certainly be a worth it purchase for your cat. Every feature of this bed will surely suit the comfort of your cats. No more of those traditional cat beds and switch now with this newly styled window mounted cat bed.

The PETPAWJOY Cat Bed’s features:

  •  Measurements: L – 22” x W – 12” x H – 1.5”
  •  It has suction cups that make installation easy for you. They can be attached to any level of your windows without the need for such tools. If your cat suddenly prefers another spot, then you can just pull out the suction cups and move your cat’s bed to another place. Make sure your suction cups are always clean and dust-free so that it won’t suddenly fall out.
  •  It is a safe, mounted cat bed. Suction cups have a diameter of 3.3,” and its stainless steel cord has a length of 23”. They are strong enough to carry your cat (30 lbs. max).
  •  It is made out of a breathable oxford cloth cord. You won’t have to worry about your cat’s temperature increasing with this cat bed’s cord. And in winter, you can add another mattress to give your cat the coziest bed they’ve ever had.
  • The cover cloth can be machine-washed.

7 Ruby Road Wall Mounted Cat Hammock with Two Steps

Get your cat a comfortable bed and home decor for yourself in one. 7 Ruby Road is known to design amazing cat accessories, which means this cat bed can easily blend with your decors at home.

The 7 Ruby Road Wall Mounted Cat Hammock’s features:

  •  Measurements: Its length measures 21” long and has an adjustable height and spacing to suit how your cat likes.
  • It has a padded hammock that offers unmatched comfort. With that, it can cradle your cat’s legs and joints, giving them comfortable naps 24/7.
  •  It is safe and durable. This can last you a lifetime with the natural materials used in making this; beech wood and plywood. It can carry your cat up to 40lbs. If your cat comes from the larger breeds, then this cat bed is the right one for you
  • The bed is made out of cotton and can be machine-washed.
  •  It boosts good health for your pet cat. With 7 Ruby Road providing two steps, your cat will need to jump or climb over them to reach their bed. This can be their daily exercise and can also be their toy to scratch and play with.
  • It has a quick and easy setup. They’ve already provided you with tools and clear instructions, all you need to do is follow them, and you’ll be done in seconds.


K&H knows how much we care for our pets; they’ve been making quality products ever since, and the Kitty Sill is not an exemption.

The K&H PET PRODUCTS Kitty Sill’s features:

• Measurements: L – 14” x W – 24” x H – 9”
• Its sleeping surface has a super comfortable foam and fleece cover that can offer orthopedic support for your cat.
• It can handle extreme strengths. The Kitty Sill can hold up till 40 lbs, which makes this is a perfect match for your large cats.
• It has an easy installation. Installing this would not require you to use such tools. With the hook and loop, you’ll just have to attach this cat bed to your windowsill. If you want a permanent spot, K&H has also provided screws to attach to your sills.
• Their cover is removable and washable.

If you didn’t know, K&H also made Kitty Sill in different models. Are you worried about your short windowsill? Don’t worry; they have a model perfect for that. A cat mom who has more than one cat to pet? You can get its two-level version. Are you living in an area with a cool climate? They have a heated version of that. And even if you’re not living in a place with cooler temperature, you can still buy this model if you want your cat to get extra warm and cozy when they’re sleeping.

NOYAL Cat Resting Seat Perch Window

Get your cats to enjoy their sunbath and sleeping space more with the NOYAL Cat Resting Seat Perch Window. This can be the perfect gift to your cat or any cat owner out there.

The NOYAL Cat Resting Seat Perch Window’s features:

• Measurements: L – 21 ¼” x W – 12 ⅝” x H – 1 ½”
• It is a safe, mounted cat bed. The suction cup diameter is 3.3” and has a stainless steel cord that has a length of 26”. You can have two cats at once stay there, only if both of them don’t exceed 30 lbs.
• It can keep your cat in check with good health. Your cat needs to jump if they’ll want to rest there, which can already be a form of exercise for them.
• It has a breathable oxford cloth. With the help of the breathable oxford cloth, you won’t have to worry about your cat’s temperature suddenly rising. During cold seasons, you can add another mattress to let your cat get cozier and warmed up.
• It has an easy installation. Make sure that you’ll be sticking the suction cups on a clean spot. Press them that they will stick really hard to your window.
• The cover can easily be removed and washed by hand or machine.

ZALALOVA Window Cat Seat

Are you searching for a hammock-style perch? Then ZALALOVA’s Window Cat Seat will surely not disappoint.

The ZALALOVA Window Cat Seat’s features:

• It has an easy installation. ZALALOVA already provided 4 PVC tubes and suction cups, 2 stainless steel cord, an oxford cloth, a sisal funny cat toy, and an extra suction cup on this package. All you’ll need to do is connect them, and that’s it!
• Built for extreme strengths and designed with big suction cups. With this, it can carry any cat breed (50 lbs. max), from small ones to large ones.
• The suction cups are made out of high-quality PVC material. You can easily stick them to your window, and you won’t even have to worry about it falling. Make sure your suction cups and the window is clean, or else the suction cups will fail to work. The suction cups won’t stick if they’re unclean, or your room temperature is very low. I would suggest leaving them in hot water for 2 minutes so that they can stick well again.
• It has a breathable oxford cloth. Your cat’s temperature wouldn’t suddenly rise, and they can get cozy with their bed all day.
• It has a machine-washable cloth.

K&H PET PRODUCTS K&H Manufacturing EZ Mount Kitty Window Sill

The most versatile window cat perch you’ll ever see in the market today. It has 2 suction cups and giant push cups. What more is its unique design that won’t get in the way of your blinds, curtains, and shades.

The K&H EZ Mount Kitty Window Sill’s features:

• Measurements: L – 12” x W – 23”
• It can handle extreme strengths with their suction cups and push cups. The suction cups have an interesting feature which you can push and turn and can carry up till 100 lbs. max.
• It is easy to use and install. You’ll just simply stick the suction cups to your window, and your cat can now use it. Make sure the window and suction cups are clean so that it can stick well, and no accidents can happen.
• It has special features provided only by the brand. The EZ Mount Kitty Window Sill is available in both single-level and double-stack style. What more, it has a patent-pending design that you just can fold rather than removing the whole perch and installing it again. Also, this won’t even block your curtains, blinds, or shades.
• It has an easily removable cover that can be hand-washed or machine washed.

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Scratcher Kitty Sill

K&H really proves that they are a great pick for your pet products. The EZ Mount Scratcher Kitty Sill also won’t disappoint you with its included features.

The K&H EZ Mount Scratcher Kitty Sill’s features:

• Measurements: L – 11” x W – 20”
• It’s a 2 in 1 bed that your cat can nap on or play and scratch with.
• It has a curved sleeping surface. With the curved feature, your cat can enjoy a cozier nap with it cradling and embracing their body. Once you’ve bought this, it might even turn out as your cat’s favorite sleeping spot from then on.
• It can handle heavyweights. If you have a cat with a large breed, you don’t have to worry about them falling with this perch. It can handle up to 60 lbs. fit for two cats.
• It uses recyclable cardboard for the scratcher. K&H scratch products are all made recyclable, which is a good idea for the sake of our community and planet.
• All features are made of high quality that is surely durable and can surely last you for a long time.
• Experts and vets recommend this. As K&H products are made reliable, affordable, and beneficial, both to us and our pets, it is not a doubt that even vets would trust them.

Cat Hammock Bed, Cat Window Perch for Large Big Cat Shelves

This is a cat perch for cat moms out there. This cat hammock bed can carry large cats and not just one, but two of them. Their brand has already been selling cat beds for over a decade, so you can leave those negative thoughts behind and trust their features.

The Cat Window Perch for Large Big Cat Shelves’ features:

• Measurements: L – 28.5” x W – 15”
• They were built for heavyweights and durability. Their stainless steel cord measures 23.5” and has a 3.5” diameter for their suction cups. The cushions are even made with durable woven nets so it can hold multiple or larger cats.
• The suction cups can hold up to 60 lbs. max. Make sure you’ve already cleaned your windows when putting the suction cups. It won’t stick well if the spot or the suction cups are dusty. You can try putting them in warm water for 2 minutes and then dry them with a cloth so it can stick well to your window.
• It has a simple and tool-free installation.
• It is waterproof, breathable, sturdy, and durable.
• This cannot be machine washed but is still easy to clean by hand.
If you’re buying this cat perch, do take note that this is not suitable on a matte surface.

Cat Window Perch, Cat Hammock Window Seat, Space Saving Window Mounted Cat Bed for Large Cats (Beige Premium Set)

Are you looking for an affordable cat bed with quality features? Then why not go with Pefuny’s Window Cat Perch. Your cat would surely love its features and might take their naps more often as ever after buying this.

The Pefuny Window Cat Perch’s features:

• Measurements: L – 25.6” x W – 14.6” x H – 22.5”
• It uses advanced pipes that will not easily deform and has good luster.
• It has an easy installation. No tools are needed for this, simply choose the level of your window to stick your suction cups, and it’s good to go.
• The suction cups are built stronger and are remarkably sturdy. Its stainless steel rope measures 23 ⅗” long with a diameter of 2 mm, and the suction cups have a diameter of 3 3/20”.
• It uses a super-strong fabric covering that is removable and can be washed by machine.
• For the premium set, it has an included flannel mat that can make your cat enjoy their time on the perch more

ZolooPet Luxury Cat Hammock Bed Cat Window Perch Double Layers Cat Resting Seat with Scratching Post Cat Holds Up to 60 Lbs.

A spacious room that you can give for your cat when they’d like to sunbathe; the ZolloPet Luxury Cat Hammock comes with great features that won’t disappoint, and your cat will come to love.

The ZolooPet Luxury Cat Hammock’s features:

• It has a double deck and a spacious design. Its area measures 24” x 14” (L x W) that lets your cat have a roomy space that is perfect for their naps and sunbathe.
• It has a sisal scratching post included. A spot where they can either spend their time napping, sunbathing, or playing. What more can a cat even ask for?
• It is a safe window cat perch. It can carry larger breeds of cats or two if you own multiple as long as it doesn’t exceed 60 lbs. You’ll also be getting 8 big suction cups (an extra 2 is for the replacement) and quality PVC tubes.
• It has an easy and tool-free installation. All you’ll need is the suction cups, and the process won’t even take you hours in doing so.

A tip for you to remember; it would be better if you’d leave your suction cups in hot water so it can be guaranteed that this will stick well and hold your cat safely.

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