How To Make Homemade Cat Toys

While you can find a wide availability of toys for your cats in the store you probably have experienced the disappointment that many of us have when we purchase our cat a new toy only to watch them not even play with it. However, I know that with a little bit of extra catnip my cats cannot resist the new toys that I purchase for them. Yet, I do not always like purchasing a toy only to have to purchase extra catnip to put on the toy to get them to play with it. I have found many benefits of making my own cat’s toys and thought I would share them.

The first benefit that I have found for making my cat’s toys is that I am able to purchase a ball of yarn on my own and use it to make multiple toys for a much cheaper price than what I have found for toys at the store. I know that the price of items is always going up no matter what the item is I have found that if we are able to make multiples of something from just one purchase they typically save quite a bit of money.

The second benefit of making my own cat toys is I am able to control what all is placed into the toys. So if I want the toy to sound like a rattle I can make enough of a few toys in it. So if I do not want the toy to be loaded down with tons of catnip you will be able to control how much catnip gets put into the toy. So that is a nice feature about making your toys for your cat. That means if your cat likes having a ton of catnip in the toy that you will be able to load it up on catnip.

The third benefit of making your own cat toys is that you are able to ensure that the materials that go into your toys are not going to be harmful to your cat. I know that most of the cat’s toys are not harmful to your cat, but at times with all of the recalls of pet food and other toys, you will be sure that with your homemade cat toys that you will be able to have some great confidence that you are able to know what is in the toys.

While you might enjoy many of the benefits of making your own cat’s toys you will find that your cat will enjoy that he will have multiple toys, you can control what is in the toy for noise or treats, and you will know exactly what materials go in exactly. So you will want to look into making your own cat’s toys and start enjoying these benefits today!

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