PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box Best Review

Are you considering having a cat litter for your house cat? Well, you must choose the right one that will give you better service or something that will satisfy your needs. To help you with it, we have here Petsafe simply clean automatic litter box, which is one of the finest cat litter boxes that people buy. The succeeding is our review about this Petsafe simply clean automatic litter box and how it is great to have.

Petsafe Simply Neat Automatic Litter Box Features

  • A self-cleaning litter box

The Petsafe litter box is a self- cleaning litter box with a bowl that rotates and sifts clumps inside the box. It creates a full rotation in every hour and a half to the cleaning. It automatically cleans it through its schedule time.

  • Odor reduce feature

The Petsafe box has a reduced odor feature where its waste bin is covered to contain the odor. It also has a carbon filter that you can replace, acting as the odor defense’s second layer.

  • It is quiet in the process

The Petsafe litter box has a quiet cleaning process, and its motor is silent when working. So, relatively there is no noise that you will hear when it is working. It also has a LED light that ensures and for you to identify if its system is working.

  • Easy to clean feature

The Petsafe litter box is easy to clean one. You can line recycled plastic bags into the waste bin. Making this an eco-0friendly technology, and it is also a scoopfree cleanup. So, you don’t need to clean the stool or remove it from time-to-time.

Leave the cleaning of the urine and stool once your cat litters by simply using this Petsafe clean automatic litter box. Through this machine, it cleans the specks of dirt or wastes automatically after the cat discharges it. You will not need to scoop it as the machine will do it. It generally cleans the litter box every 30 minutes. You only need to set it for it to work. This machine also has a slow-moving conveyor system, sifting the litter and carrying the wastes away, and you don’t have to do it yourself.

Petsafe simply clean automatic litter box is easy to use as only three simple steps such as:

  • Filling it

To use the Petsafe simply clean automatic litter box, you need to use clay litter in cleaning. Fill the bowl with more than the marked line of the premium clay litter for an improved result.

  • Watch it

Next to do, is you need to plug the simply clean in and let it clean itself. The waste will be kept to the conveyor and will be kept covered in the waste bin.

  • Removing it

To dispose of the waste, you need to remove the waste bin. You can use a small recycled bag like a grocery bag to put the trash in.

What’s include in the box?

  • The clean cat litter
  • One power adaptor
  • A litter box carbon filter (replaceable)

How Does Petsafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box Clean?

The Petsafe litter box has different neat features that have various works. One is its large bowl, which is the large potty area that you will see in the waste bin. It allows the cat to use more space.

Petsafe simply clean automatic litter box also has a high rim. The little guard is attached to the bowl and helps the litter to be kept inside the bin. It also has a carbon filter that fits under the hood, keeping the box fresh and odor-free. A LED light is also included, as it will serve as your signal if the litter box is working and rotating.

Petsafe simply clean automatic litter box overall, are simple and great to use. It works well quietly, and that will not disturb your cat if it is working, and the cat uses it. A clay cat litter is ideal to use in this machine to hold the stool and maintain odorless to the area.

Cleaning would not be an issue because you will not remove it by using the scoop to remove it. However, you need to remove it when the waste bin is full, but it will not create any mess. As it has a plastic that will hold it, and the only thing that you should do is to get rid of it by throwing it in the trash bin.

Petsafe simply clean automatic litter box is safe and not harmful for both cats and humans. Other cat litters use a chemical that might bring harm to the health of cats and humans. The Petsafe simply litter box has a clumping that is very convenient and is made in a natural ingredient. It neither uses harsh chemicals, not synthetics in controlling the litter box’s odor.

This cat litter box has a natural odor control through the use of materials that are great in absorbing odor. Also, they are great at providing a natural scent. Some cats are very sensitive in strong artificial fragrances, so you do not need one because this Petsafe simply clean automatic litter box is genuine in aspects, and surely there is no odor and more.

With Petsafe clean automatic litter box, there will be no more scooping of the litter, as it is automated. It is always clean as every 30 minutes, and it makes sure to clean it. No spills will be done as it is made perfect for holding the waste.

Keeping your house clean and making sure that your cats are healthy is one of the main reasons why Petsafe simply clean automatic litter box made this. If you also keep your cats safe from chemicals, this Petsafe litter box is great for you. This litter box is also great as its price is greater enough to what service it can provide.


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