Petsafe Scoopfree Litter Box Best Review

PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box, Ultra Automatic Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box Review

Having cats are pretty great and expect your couch, corner of the house, or somewhere inside your home has poop or urine. But cats are intelligent also, that you can teach them to which they should do their business-like potty training. To help and train your cat, you need a litter box for it. In continuing this article, we have prepared reviews about the Petsafe scoopfree litter box as the best one to have and more.

Petsafe Scoopfree Litter Box Features

  • It removes waste automatically

By using this cat litter, you don’t need to scoop, refill, or clean this litter box for weeks. Generally, it would be much easier and convenient for you as you don’t need to do it every day.

  • It has an Unbeatable odor control

Even you will replace or clean it after weeks, and there is no bad odor that will circulate your house. It is because this litter box has a crystal litter that helps remove the smell through dehydrating the solid waste and absorbing the urine.

  • Messy floor no more

The crystals are low-tracking, which are 99% dust free and does not stick in the cat’s paws. Another great with this Petsafe scoopfree litter box is it has a hood to cover and keep the cat inside while littering.

  • It has a leak protection feature

Petsafe scoopfree litter box has a disposable tray that has a plastic lining to prevent leakage on the floor.

  • It is easy to clean

Cleaning Petsafe scoopfree litter boxes are very easy as you need to remove the tray and throw it away, which each tray has a lid for the disposal.

  • You can also monitor your cat health

It has a health counter that monitors the times your cat utilizes the box.

  • Additional components include:
  • Two litter boxes
  • One litter tray
  • One pack of litter
  • One hood

Benefits of Petsafe Scoopfree Litter Box

  • It is easy to use, with only three simple steps:
  1. Load it

The first thing that you should do is set up for one minute. It would help if you poured the pre- [portioned package of the litter into the tray.  Next is to place the tray under the litter box, which is good for weeks free from Odor and moisture.

  1. Could you leave it?

Yes, it does do the cleaning by plugging the box in and let it do its work. Its cleaning cycle begins 20 minutes after the sensor detects the cat leaving the litter box.

  1. Lose it

It has a disposable tray included, so it is the one that you will remove once your gong to replace the litter tray. Cover the old tray with the provided lid and then throw it away.

  • Assembling it is easy such as:


-The first step is to put the litter into the cardboard tray. Place the lid underneath the tray to make it stable and sturdy. And open the bag of litter and then pour it.


-Its cardboard tray is equipped with a waste trap, which will be the solid waste stays after the rake has been a move across to the litter bed.


-if you are already done in adding the litter, you need to place its raking mechanism over the tray. It has a magnet under its waste trap door, which is attached to the cardboard flap. This allows the section to lift when the unit is in action.

How Does the Petsafe Scoop Free Works?

The scoop free works that it has a cat sensor to detect if there is a presence of a cat inside the box. After a 20-minute delay after seeing, the rake will start humming across the litter bed. Then it will sweep the stool and distribute the urine waste into the waste trap. If the cat enters the box during the delay period, the box will reset its time for another 20 minutes delay, and this will make sure to keep the cat safe.

This pet-safe scoopfree is advantageous than other automatic litter boxes that are noisy and are prone to jam. With this Petsafe scoopfree, they are quiet to use and are consistent for its service. The cycle only takes for over a minute, and it has no noise, so it is pretty convenient to use. The scoop free makes noise a bit, which it clunks as the waste trap opens and closes. Other than the noise of the clunks, there’s nothing more to be heard.

How Long Does It Last to Control the Odor?

The Petsafe scoopfree litter box uses a silica gel litter, which is good in dehydrating both the urine and feces. Plus, the waste trap is doing its excellent job in holding the fecal Odor. However, the raking didn’t catch the little particle. It Depends on cats you have, but the litter box stays dry well for about a week and can be more. You can easily detect if it is needed to be cleaned off a refill when it started smelling after good nine days as maximum. And cleaning it is very easy as removing and throwing it in the trash bin.

Is A Petsafe Scoopfree Litter Box Worth It?

Overall, the Petsafe scoopfree litter box as an automatic litter box is one of the most reliable litter boxes that we can buy. It does a great job of combining the low-maintenance adsorption power of the silica gel into the raking mechanism. This is to provide a simple hand-off cleaning solution for the litter box. The litter itself offers a low-dust and good control of the Odor and not sticky to the paws of the cat.

For its price and the time in changing the tray are good enough for the service that it can provide.  Having a litter box in homes, especially if you have a cat are a must. This is to keep its discharges in one place and not on the floors. Cats can easily learn in which area they should pee or bowel, so training them to use the litter box is very easy.


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