Molly and Friends Cat Tree Review “Tabby’s Hide-away” Premium Handmade 2-Tier Cat Tree with Sisal, Model 38

Molly and Friends Cat Tree

The Molly and Friends “Tabby’s Hide-away” Premium Handmade 2-Tier cat tree reviews with Sisal, Model 38, is one tree kitty will be fond of.

First of all, it sports large rest areas and beds. That offers support for multiple or large cats, giving them the freedom to lounge, stretch, and frolic. The Molly and Friends “Tabby’s Hide-away” comprises a “Molly Tunnel,” a cradle, and an all-natural sisal rope, giving your kittens or cats the release of clawing.

All the building is pre-one and crafted originally in the United States. This saves you the hassle of construction after purchase. It is specially handmade, giving it a very strong and sturdy structure. This makes all upright posts climbable and scratchable, utilizing every inch of surface area.

Solid pine poles are used in construction, with the aid of heavy-duty screws and bolts. This makes it as sturdy and as safe as any furniture in your home, but you will not have to get angry at your cats for scratching it.

Molly and Friends Cat Tree “Tabby’s Hide-away” Premium Handmade 2-Tier cat tree, Model 38 Features

  • Robust construction crafted with durable material and high-quality carpeting
  • Bedding and rest areas large enough to accommodate all sized cats
  • All-natural thick sisal rope
  • Original handcrafted construction done in the U.S comes fully assembled
  • 37 inches high placed on a 19 x 21 inched base
  • Shipping weight: 53 lbs
  • Available for shipping to selected countries outside the U.S
  •  Advisory: Ship separately from other items in the order cart
  • Additional shipping charges will not apply


  • Robust
  • Handmade
  • US Supplier and Fast Delivery


  • Price compared to other brands but the quality is here.

Molly and Friends Cat Tree “Tabby’s Hide-away” Premium Handmade 2- Model 38 Reviews

Molly and Friends “Tabby’s Hide-away” Premium Handmade 2-Tier tree with Sisal, Model 38 is a product that is easily highly rated by the owner.

Several customers shared the same sentiments of this cat tree; it is a very sturdy and well-finished piece of furniture which their cats quickly claim, giving customers that added feeling of a well-purchased item.

Another reviewer was extremely happy to have had the product fully constructed with such sturdy construction. One reviewer claimed poor craftsmanship with uneven condos and squeaky shaking beds.

Based on the majority of reviews, this Molly and Friends fully handcrafted cat tree is a rather good deal. It covers both strength and versatility. This piece of cat furniture will last, and thus easily gets our seal of approval on being a value buy.

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