How to Stop Your Cat from Peeing Outside of the Litter Box

One of the most common and up noxious examples of bad behavior exhibited by your kitty would be when he starts peeing outside of the litter box. If you have ever had to clean up your kitty’s mess after a hard days’ work, then you know why the solution to this behavior is one of the most sought after. Not only is it disgusting and creates awful odors in your home, but it is also a downright nuisance. Cats are masters of habit, so it may not be entirely his fault if you moved his litter box. It is also possible that he is avoiding his litter box if the spot where it is placed is now seeing an increase in traffic. Another reason he could be avoiding the litter box is if there has been a drastic change in the room where his litter box is placed. If you were still unable to come up with a solution after checking to see if these factors played a role in his sudden misbehavior, an alternative method should be considered to stop this unwanted peeing problem.

A great way to stop your cats’ peeing problems would be to develop a training strategy for your kitty. We train our dogs, we even train our children. We do this too because we want to set a standard for the type of behavior that is to be accepted within our households. The same standards should also apply to our beloved cats. Although the reasons listed above could be why your once well-behaved kitty has started to stray away from his normal behavior, there may be other factors that may have caused this as well. Assuming that your kitty does not have an illness or injury that has caused him to not use his litter box, steps should be taken to help get your cat’s behavior back on the right track.

I’ve also encountered this unwanted behavior like this from my cats. I discuss other unwanted behavior here and how these problems can also be resolved. I’d also recommend checking out this awesome guide to gain access to proven methods that will put an end to this unwanted behavior once and for all.

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