How to Keep Your Cat Protected While You Are Away

Cats are such lovable creatures that provide their owners with a rich amount of affection, amusement, and care. It has this demure nature of providing pet love without being too aggressive like dogs. That is why owners like you have developed this great bond with cats. As much as possible, you wouldn’t want to be separated from these pets.

However, it is inevitable for you not to because you are a human being who has needs to attend to personal transactions beyond the home. What you can do is to hire a credible cat sitter to ensure your pet’s welfare while you are away. Here are a few tips for you to go over before entrusting your cat to anyone.

Your top priority upon leaving your cat is its health.

Make sure that you implement necessary preparations that could foster the physiological needs of your pet. Give your cat sitter an ample amount of information regarding your pet’s diet, vitamins, medicines, exercise routines, etc. Instruct them of your cat’s behavior so everyone stays safe while you are away from home.

If you choose a cat sitter:


  • It is best if you select someone who you already know. You could ask your relatives, trusted neighbors, or close friends. However, if you can’t find any available individuals who have your complete trust, you could contact a pet sitter agency in your area and inquire about their services. Employees who come from agencies have undergone a series of background checks and medical exams to verify their credibility and fitness for the job. Whoever you choose, just make sure that they are worthy of your trust and are cat lovers themselves too. Develop a system to make sure they do their jobs well even without a boss to watch over them. See also if you can arrange deals which require them to stay for multiple hours or nights. This is feasible for numerous pets and a long duration of separation.


  • Keep your cat sitter guided by providing a visible instruction list all over the house. Include your cat’s name, color, identifying marks, diet, likes and dislikes, etc. This is to facilitate the sitter in providing good quality care to cats and leave you feeling relieved.


  • Before you leave, prepare everything your cat needs while you are away—bathing tools, food for the whole week, toys, etc. Store the supplies in easy-to-locate shelves so the sitter could have an efficient and fast implementation of cat care interventions. Brief the sitter with the structure of the house and location of emergency devices such as telephones and fax machines.


  • Inform your veterinarian of your departure. Introduce him to your cat sitter so they could form a trusting relationship especially if they need to form a transaction while you are away. Leave a good amount of veterinarian consultation fee in case your cat goes weak during the duration of your departure. To make everything sure, you could also leave your contact number in your veterinarian’s office so he could contact and update you anytime.

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