Go Pet Club 72 Cat Tree Review

Cats have a nature to climb, scratch, and enjoy sleeping on top of an object, most of the time in our furniture. Looking for a cat tree ideal for your cat is an overwhelming and daunting task. This great effort is made worse due to huge numbers of low-quality cheap cat trees available on the market, claiming that they are tough and reliable ones. Which cat tree should purchase?

Cats need a cat tower that is tough and strong as well as able to handle the force when jumping on it with ease. The most reliable cat trees are made, keeping this factor in mind. A lightweight model will not do the job. We discover the Go Pet Club 72 cat tree to be the most reliable choice for cats you can purchase at this moment for its tough wide base and entertainment options.

Who Can Benefit from Go Pet Club 72 Cat Tree?

This cat tree from Go Pet Club is perfect and reliable for medium and large size cat. It is durable and tough enough to handle the force of the cat when jumping on and off of it.

Key Features of Go Pet Club 72 Cat Tree

  • 72 High Beige Cat Tree
  • Made of compressed wood, faux fur as well as sisal rope
  • It comes with tools and assembly instruction
  • Measures 33: by 22 “L by 72 “H
  • Base Board Size is 23.5 “W by 21.5 “L
  • Big Condo Size is 18 “W by 12.5 “L by 11.75 “H
  • Top Condo Size is 12 “W by 12 “L by 10 “H
  • Top 3 Perches Size is 12.75 “W by 12.75 “L by 2.25 “H

Product Description

Go Pet Club has a wide array of cat trees to choose from that will surely stimulate as well as entertain your cat friend for hours as they are intended specifically with your feline’s inquisitive needs in mine.

A Go Pet Club cat tree like the Go Pet Club 72 Cat Tree is a very roomy multi-level cat tree, most likely made of high-quality material like wood, and is perfect for multi-cat families. It stands 72 inches tall, which is a little bit higher compared to other brands, and so provides your furry friend the chance to explore their natural love of height as well as climbing.

This cat tree provides your cat with a place to relax and sleep.  State of the art Go Pet Club 72 cat tree comes with hanging toys as well as two sets of ladders to keep him entertained for hours. Also, it has ten posts that are covered with high-quality sisal rope to fulfill the cat’s natural instincts by climbing and scratching on them.

Your furry friend can unwind and relax on multiple levels of this cat tree or have privacy in the covered area. The best thing about this cat tree is that it is easy to install and available in various colors to go along with your home décor. The cat tree is the best addition to your home, most especially if you own two or more felines.

If possible, the perfect place to install this cat tree is right in front of your window. This way, your furry friend can climb up to one of the top perches and simply sit and watch what is going on outside. On the other hand, you can also install this in the corner for even more stability as they have extremely boisterous cats.

Product Features

State-of-the-art Go Pet Club 72 Cat Tree is integrated with state of the art features, which make it the most reliable and dependable one.  Here are the features incorporated in this cat tree from Go Pet Club.

Perfect Place for Complete Rest and Relaxation

Your cat requires a private area that he can call his own. This high-quality cat tree from Go Pet Club is made to meet the requirements of cats regardless of age. This thoughtfully made cat trees provide activity, leisure as well as fun. Putting your cat on pedestals will make him meow.

Safe and High-Quality

Beyond creative as well as varied designs, this tough and durable cat trees from Go Pet Club is made with high-quality boards, which are safe for your furry friend. The cat tree is covered in a superior faux fur that offers a soft as well as safe structure. It has many posts that are well-lined with sisal rope, pleasing the instincts of your cat to scratch as well as climb.

Tools and Guide for Setting Up is Included

The best thing about this cat tree is that it comes with tools and assembly instruction that makes setting up a breeze. You don’t have to hire a carpenter to set up this cat tree. The guide is easy to understand and follow, as well.

Pros and Cons

Like many other products out there, Go Pet Club 72 cat tree also comes with pros and cons. So, let’s start with the pros.


  • This cat tree arrives flat packed, and a lot of customers are pleasantly surprised that the guides that come with it are easy to follow. All the parts are labeled individually so you can see what goes where. You can set it up in just a few minutes.
  • This comes with several levels of fun for your furry friend.
  • Provides your cat enough space as well as privacy inside your home
  • The ten posts are covered in sisal rope that is able to withstand playing.
  • Encourage exercise and fulfill the instincts of your cat to climb and scratch.
  • Gives a sense of safety


Previous owners of bigger cats commented that from time to time, they need to tighten some of the screws. However, this depends on how many felines you have playing on the cat tree and their weight as well. If your cat is small, there is no need to tighten them so often.


Go Pet Club 72 cat tree is indeed one of the best products available today for your furry friend. It is tough, durable, and very spacious, giving your cat the privacy and safety he deserves. This cat tree also favored by many cat lovers; in fact, it has a high rating on various online reviews.

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