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Have you thought about making your cat a bed? There are some nice ones that you can craft, true, but do you really want to spend a lot of time and money on it? Sure, you might have some of the supplies to make the bed. For example, turn a wooden-leg coffee table upside-down and it makes a four-poster bed. However, you’ll have to sew a pillow to go in it; it will be hard to buy a pillow that will fit perfectly into the shape.

Or, you could make a suitcase pet bed by opening the suitcase and attaching the furniture legs to the bottom and lid of the suitcase. Again, you’ll need to make pillows inside the suitcase. Let’s talk about a very simple but cozy bed, with no sewing, no sawing, and no complications or trouble. A figure “8” bed is made in minutes, is extremely inexpensive, and is one of the most unusual beds that a person can make for a cat.

Foam rubber makes a soft cat bed when you cut and shape it a certain way. The foam can be found at a large fabric store, at a place where foam is sold, or even at an upholstery shop. The type of foam that you need is a dense type, about two to three inches thick. You might have to buy a large piece and cut it down to size, but the width needs to be only a bit wider than your cat is.

Lay the foam out on a flat surface. Cut the width to be approximate to the width of the cat; the length should be about three times the length of your cat when he is stretched out. With the long, narrow piece of foam cut, all you have to do is shape it into the figure “8” arrangement, and that is super easy to do.

Bring the ends of the foam piece together so that you form a large circle. Use an adhesive that is appropriate for the foam to glue the ends together. When that glue has set, position the glued area so that it is at the bottom of the circle. Stand the circle upon the glued area and push the top of the circle down to meet the bottom of it. At the area where the top meets the seam, glue the two foam sections together. Allow the glue to set well before letting your cat sleep on the new bed.

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