Detox Your Cat in 5 Easy Steps

Like humans, a build-up of toxins in our pet’s body can also contribute to some diseases. If you detox your cats and feed them a nutritious diet, some diseases are avoidable.

These days, our beloved cats seem to suffer health issues rarely heard of a few years ago. Some doctors believe this to be related to the breakdown of the immune system. Poor diet and too many vaccinations is part of the problem, and many believe that if you detox your cats from the inside and improve their diet, this will help.

Some symptoms that will be eliminated when you detox your cat include kidney and liver problems, constipation, skin rashes, and intestinal parasites. Gently and safely detox your cats and some of their health issues will be better. Strengthening their immune system by ridding their bodies of drugs, pollutants and poisons will make it easier to absorb a nutritious diet.

Detoxing your cat to eliminate waste from the body is the key for your cat to living a long, healthy life. Without a nutritious diet, toxins will build up and can cause organ and cell damage leading to improper elimination of waste.

The following steps will detox your cat quickly and easily.

Detox Your Cat #1: Cold turkey is the key!

You must remove all commercially made cat food and treats. Some cats go through a rough withdrawal, some cats do not but rough or not, they have to be withdrawn from commercial cat food immediately.

Detox Your Cat #2: Feed your cat human food only.

After you detox your cat, start her on a small amount of fresh, raw, ground turkey or chicken. If she likes it, let her eat all she wants. If she does not like raw meat, cook the meat for a couple of days mixing it with a little raw to get her started. Like heroin addicts, cats are addicted to commercial cat food so this might be difficult at first but the rewards are worth it. Always remember, NEVER feed your cat any dairy product. They become allergic after 8 weeks old.

Detox Your Cat #3: According to holistic medicine, each breed of cat has specific dietary needs.

If you are into a natural diet for your cat, go the holistic way.

Detox Your Cat #4: Make an appointment for a checkup with your veterinarian.

Talk to them about the changes you have made to your cats’ diet and about how you detox your cat. Then, be ready for them to give you many reasons why you should buy commercial cat food; do not listen. Have your vet run a blood test on your cat to make sure she is healthy and only give her a natural vitamin supplement.

Detox Your Cat #5: Keep an eye on your cat for any changes in behavior or health; you might even write a journal.

Toxins in commercial cat food take as much as 30 days to be completely gone from your cat’s system; withdrawal might be bad but do not give up. Your cat will get better and be happier for all your efforts.

It can take up to 120 after you detox your cat for their blood system to get back to normal. During this time, you should be ready for symptoms including frequent urination, “accidents”, diarrhea, vomiting, and frequent mowing. Be patient and know that when the detoxification is finished, your cat will be much happier and healthier and fleas, ticks, and hairballs to clean up will no longer bother you or your cat.

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