Cat Tree – How to Choose the Perfect Tree For Your Cat

The cat tree, also known as a cat tower, cat bed, cat perch or cat stool, is simply a piece of furniture for cats to perch, climb, sleep, scratch, and play. A fully-functional and well-equipped cat tree includes a climbing post, a sturdy base, an elevated perch, and a comfortable bed for resting or lounging. The climbing post should be at least two feet above the floor of your house. If you have only one cat in the house, then the post must be able to support them both at once.

There are many kinds of cat trees available in the market. These include the wood-framed and metal-framed ones. The wooden types are typically made of cedarwood. However, if you have an old house, then you can use plastic for this type of cat tree. It is best to choose a material that is easily maintained by you. This will help you save on cleaning and maintenance costs, plus it will add beauty to your house.

The metal-framed cat trees are made from galvanized steel. It is durable and easy to maintain. However, they are more expensive compared to the wood-framed varieties. The aluminum cat trees are lighter weight than the metal-framed ones, but they need less maintenance. The aluminum cat trees are available in many different styles and colors to suit any theme of your house.

There are many accessories that come along with cat trees. One of these accessories is the cat bed. A cat bed is usually just a basic frame with a sheet and pillow at its sides. To add an extra level of comfort, some cat beds also have a built-in scratching post. They provide an extra place for your cat to scratch and make it feel safe while resting or sleeping.

Many cat trees also come with scratching posts and a water bottle, or a small bowl of water. It will keep your cat’s paws free from any harmful chemicals that are found in commercial pet shampoo and cat litter.

When buying a cat tree, make sure that the cat tree is strong enough for your cats. If it is too small, then it might not support them. If it is too big, then it might cause problems with climbing and falling down. The cat’s nails may get caught and break.

Cat trees can also come with other accessories, like hammocks, platforms, toys, and perches. The purpose of these accessories is to provide different levels of comfort to your cats. A cat hammock is a good example of this. It provides a place for your cat to lie down and rest.

Some cat trees also have cat condos. It is designed in such a way that it provides an extra area for your cat to curl up. It is usually designed with thick soft cushion for your cat.

These cat condos are great because it gives your cat a place to rest when you are busy with work or other activities. It keeps your cat out of trouble while at the same time providing a comfortable place to sleep.

You should also know that cat condos do not offer protection against predators. In fact, if a predator decides to attack your cat, the cat condo will not help at all. The only thing they can provide is a nice place to lay their head down on the ground while you’re away at work.

Cat trees come in many different sizes and styles. Make sure that the size, color, style, and type of the tree you choose is suitable for your home. Your cat’s comfort is very important.

Cats are our best friends and should be treated as such. So it makes sense to provide a comfortable place for them to spend their time.

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