GoPetClub “Jungle GYM” Cat Tree Condo Furniture Bed House Pet Scratcher Post FC1

Best Cat Tree Condo Furniture

The Jungle Gym cat tree Furniture Condo Bed House Pet Scratcher Post FC1 is one of GoPetClub’s most sold cat trees. The fact that they manufacture their own products makes it a preferred marketplace among cat owners. The cat tree’s size overall is 50″W x 16″L x 92″-106″H, and it contains three condo houses for cats to sleep in. There is an adjustable top pole, which facilitates ceiling attachment, and the cat tree contains three ladders to assist in climbing. The product is fairly easy to assemble and comes with the needed tools as well as step-by-step instructions

GoPetClub Jungle Gym Cat Tree Condo Furniture Bed House Pet Scratcher Post FC1 Features and Specifications

  • Adjustable top pole that facilitates ceiling attachment
  • Size measurement: 50″W x 16″L x 92″-106″H
  • Material : Faux fur and Plywood
  • Textured sisal rope
  • Contains baskets and ladders for pet hosting
  • Shipping Weight : 89 lbs
  • Fairly easy assembly
  • Refund available for new and unused products(non-refundable shipping costs)

GoPetClub Jungle Gym Cat Tree Condo Furniture Bed House Pet Scratcher Post FC1 Reviews

Overall, the GoPetClub Jungle Gym cat tree condo furniture Bed House Scratcher Post FC1 has received good feedback from its reviewers. There were a few recommendations from customers to provide a better set-up manual for the product, as well as to use an actual carpet-like material for its housing, instead of what they believe to be a furry cloth.

Cat tree condo furniture is perfect for those looking for a home for their cat. The ladder assembly can be eliminated if desired, because cats are able to climb on their own. The scratch posts are however perfect for scatching. Due to the not so easy instruction, the overall finished assembly for customers resulted in a wobbly cat tree, which they recommend a more supportive ceiling attachment for.

The average customer rating received for the GoPetClub Jungle GYM cat tree condo furniture Bed House Pet Scratcher Post FC1 is four point five out of five stars. With such an average, it is easy to recommend this product to our cat lovers who are searching for a home for their cat. The price is very affordable, and the fact that your cat will love this product makes it a valuable buy. Customers who wish to return their product should ensure that it is in its original package, new and unused. Refunds will only be given when the manufacture receives the product in the conditions stated, taking into consideration that shipping costs are not refundable. cat tree condo furniture

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