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Play is as important as eating the right foods for pets. If humans need regular exercise and physical activities to stay fit and healthy, so do your pets. Allotting a specific hour for playtime is essential for every pet, dogs and cats alike. Regular exercise and physical activities stimulate your pet’s overall health and well-being while letting them have fun. This isn’t just good for them but also a great bonding experience that can be done with their pet owners.

Unfortunately, not at all times, pet owners will be available and present for playtime. Because pets need them, there is still a way for them to play and have fun though they are on their own. For your pets to continuously be encouraged and engaged with playing, a pet owner should try giving them interactive toys. Interactive toys will be perfect for keeping them going and active. Whether or not you have enough time to spend with your feline friend, interactive toys will be just the thing that you will need. For those with pet cats, here in this article are 3 of the best interactive cat toys that you can buy.

What Are Interactive Toys for Cats?

An interactive cat toy, to put simply, are cat toys that stimulate their physical and mental strength. This purpose and kind of interaction make them different from standard toys, catnip toys, or balls, which only encourages and engages your pet cats to scratch and chase them.  With interactive cat toys, your cat will play and stay healthy and alert too.

Interactive cat toys will surely keep your cat on their toys, keeping them happy with playing, all the while continuously stimulating their overall mental and physical strength. Adding interactive cat toys with enough activities and exercises will surely be beneficial to your cat’s overall health and well-being and keep them as well out of trouble. You can choose from a lot of interactive cat toys from catnip toys to balls, interactive lasers, and so much more.

The Best Interactive Cat Toys

There are a lot of interactive cat toys which are all great, but of course, what you want is the best for your cat. To help with narrowing down your choices, here are 2 of the best interactive toys you can find in the market.

BENTOPAL Automatic Cat Toys Model P01

Reviews for this product are all great. An owner even said that with this toy, his cat seemed to have way much interest with playtime compared before. With this toy, his cat now was mostly playing rather than sleeping.

Model P01 is all new and improved from the usual handheld laser toys. When the toy robot powered on, the red laser immediately lights up and shoots straight projecting on floors, blankets, and walls, which can easily capture the attention of your feline friend. This is a perfect toy that helps keep cats engaged, indoors, or outdoors. Additionally, to meet different pet’s preferences, this cat toy features a slow and fast mode, which is their latest update.


BENTOPAL Automatic Cat Toys Model P02 

BENTOPAL automatic cat toy model P02 works just like a tumbler. As it is powered on and activated, the feathers on it will start shaking, and it will rotate 360 degrees, which of course, will immediately spark your cat’s curiosity and attention. This toy additionally comes with colorful lights, which will make it attractive in the eyes of your cat.

A review of this product says that her pet cat was mostly a sleeper and didn’t’ have much energy for play. When she purchased the toy and ever since she gave it to her cat, she was happy to find that her cat now usually plays and have fun, and always active. Her cat surely stays up on its feet, actively playing, which avoid it from getting overweight even if it mostly stays indoors.

BENTOPAL Automatic Cat Toys Model P03

Model P03 of BENTOPAL automatic toys is inspired by an RC car. It features a built-in G sensor, large wheels, 7-color LED lights, and dual motors. This said features would surely keep your cat on their feet and playing. When it is activated and running, your cat will be engaged directly to swatting, pouncing, biting, chasing, and playing.

A pet owner just loved how this toy can easily get their cat’s attention. They can see that their cat gets enough exercise and activity it needs. He and his wife find this great as it will avoid their cat getting overweight even if they stay most times indoors. Additionally, the review says that with the BENTOPAL Automatic Cat Toy Model P03, their cat has fun and regularly has the exercise it needs.

Why is Play Important for Cats?

Most of the time, you can observe that house cats may sleep for at least 16 hours a day.  This is nice, but during the remaining hours in an entire day, it is still essential for your pet cat to play in order to keep them mentally and physically sharp. As they are natural hunters, cats need to be engaged with this natural behavior of theirs through play. Playtime is both beneficial and essential for cats to counteract their boredom and even be able to bond more with you. With the right toys and activity, bonding with your cats will surely be rewarding and fun.

To Conclude

Interactive play with the right toys will be a very rewarding way which will allow your cats to use their natural skills in hunting. Regular play schedule is a must to keep your pet felines up on their feet and active during most hours in a day. At least 15-20 minutes each day of interactive play will help your cats release their destructive energy and maintain the right and healthy weight.

An interactive toy is the must-have for dog and cat owners alike. With these toys, your pets will surely be kept active, healthy, and happy. The right toys will help in stimulating their mental and physical strength, helping them maintain a regular and healthy weight through playing.

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