Armarkat Cat Tree Reviews, Model A7802, Silver Gray

Armarkat cat tree Reviews

The Armarkat cat tree Reviews Model A7802, Silver Gray is much wider than the average The tree. It facilitates free movement of cats as well as provides posts for scratching. The Armarkat cat tree consists of a basket and hammock that are on different levels than the cat house itself.

The manufacturer provides each customer with step by step instruction as well as tools to assist in the assembly process. The Amarkat cat tree can entertain the regular house cat. It acts as a regular tree to facilitate a cat’s regular climbing. The cat tree holds up to 60 pounds of weight.

Armarkat cat tree Reviews Model A7802, Silver Gray Features, and Specifications

  • Hammock
  • Soft Ramp
  • Ladder
  • Sisal rope
  • Basket
  • Pressed wood construction
  • Covered with silver-gray faux fur
  • Easy assembly
  • Step by step instruction and tools
  • Overall Dimensions: 78″ H x 26″ W x 42″ L
  • Holding Weight:60lbs
  • Weight for Shipping:63.4lbs

Armarkat cat tree Model A7802, Silver Gray

Approximately 75% of the persons who reviewed this product rated it as a 5/5 star product, while the other 25% rated it as a 4/5 star product.

There have however been complaints by some reviewers that the Armarkat cat tree Model A7802, Silver Gray top rope has been unraveling. This is due to the continuous scratching by cats. Some complaints are about the cat tree being a little wobbly, but this can be attributed to the fact that the tree is not planted to the floor. Other complaints are from cat owners whose cats do not use the hammock.

This is often overlooked because the cats always use the baskets and the top platforms. Some users recommend that the hammock be replaced with one or more baskets. Cats weighing over 16 pounds may have trouble getting around on the Amarkat cat tree because of each platform’s thickness.

Assembly for the Armarkat cat tree Model A7802, Silver Gray has been described by reviewers as fairly easy, even though it took some persons over an hour to assemble. The tools are sufficient and it was easy to follow the instructions provided.

Based on the overall reviews made by persons who have actually purchased and used the product, it’s safe the say that the Amarkat cat tree Model A7802, Silver Gray is an invaluable buy. The tree provides a means of entertainment for cats which ultimately provides entertainment for cat owners.

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