African Golden Cat: Exotic African Pet Cat

The African Golden Cat is a beautiful, but rarely studied species of exotic cats that have originated from Africa. They are of medium size and height compared to the sizes of other cats; however, they are very famous for their coats which have been known to change color as they mature and grow and have an extremely stunning, and attractive color. It is a rather rare species of the cat though.

The African Golden Cat is primarily found in regions where there are tropical rainforests in Africa like Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Zaire, and Congo. Sometimes, they can also be found in grassy savannahs although they enjoy hiding and resting in the lush canopies. While there is not much known about the exact population of the African Golden Cat, we do know that there is not much hunting going on for them. The only concern that may regard this species of cat is deforestation at their habitats.

The African Golden Cat is most famous for its beautiful, stunning color coats. According to some studies, the color of the coats differs according to the location that they inhabit so that they can best camouflage from their predators, and hide when they are hunting prey. The underbellies of these cats are generally a lighter color, and some even have patterns like spots on them. They generally will weigh up to 45 pounds, and be 29 inches in length. The African Golden Cat is a powerful species, and you can definitely notice it by their bodily structure which is well-built and muscular.

The African Golden Cat is much like other cats, and is a nocturnal hunter according to the species and observations were done on them; however, there have not been many studies actually done on this species of cat. The African Golden Cat has been known to rest in the trees, and even occasionally hunt for their prey in the treetops although they most commonly hunt for their prey on the ground. They will primarily hunt down rodents, small primates, birds, monkeys, and small forest antelopes.

Some of their prey are just like any other cat although it does get interesting when we get to the monkey and the small forest antelopes. The African Golden Cat is known for being a great hunter, and there have been reports of them hunting and killing livestock as well. If you are keeping an African Golden Cat, it is important to always provide fresh meats for them along with zoological vitamins, and water. Proper food and nutrients are essential to their health.

It is important to bring your cat to an exotic pet veterinarian to examine and their needs when it comes down to diseases and illnesses. In fact, only a select few of the exotic pet veterinarians may be able to deal with the African Golden Cat. Vaccinations to prevent and for different diseases and illnesses are required yearly; issues like declawing and neutering may come up.

When training your African Golden Cat, it is important not to allow or tolerate any bad behavior from a young age like clawing and biting as it will only get worse as they grow up and mature. Also, the African Golden Cats are sexually mature at 18 months old.


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